Where to go if you need help?

Having pets can be expensive and while it is definitely worth it (in my humble opinion) having a few resources to turn to is nice. I have personally used care credit to get two more quality years of life with my best furry friend.

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The pets affected by hurricane Sandy need your help!


Hurricane Sandy has left a swath of devastation in its wake. People and their pets are in need of any and all help we can provide for them. Here are donation links for the Humane Society of the United States and the ASPCA.

The lives of both people and animals have been turned upside down. In the chaos, people find comfort in the normalcy of their pets and vice versa. For other pets, they may be separated from their owners or their owners may be dead. These pets are frightened, cold, and hungry and the world around them is filled with chaos. Please help if you can.
If you have links for other disaster relief organizations for pets, please list them in the comments.

The Wiggle Waggle Walk

This is a video from one of my favorite celebrities, Wil Wheaton. He recently adopted Marlowe from the Pasadena Humane Society and they participated in a fundraising walk that raised $300,000. Way to go guys!

Larry the Dog Fights Back Against Puppy Mills

“This October 28, Larry’s going to step up his game and take some real action for dogs in puppy mills. He’s going to raise money for animals, increase awareness about puppy mills, and work off the weight he put on over the summer by running the Los Angeles Rock N Roll Half Marathon as part of Team ASPCA.” – ASPCA

Puppy mills are places where hundreds of dogs live together in dirty, cramped conditions (and that’s putting it mildly). They’re places where female dogs are bred over and over, no rest in between, well into what would be their 60’s+ in human years.

Help Larry raise money for the ASPCA and donate to his cause!



The Pet Pantry of Michigan needs your help!

My previous entry was about donating anything you could to a cause you believe in, specifically for this blog those causes are animal related. The Pet Pantry of Michigan needs immediate aid as they are looking at the unfortunate possibility of having to close this September.

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Donations Are Not Just Monetary

We’ve all seen the commercials with the big-eyed dogs and cats sitting miserably behind cage bars seemingly begging us to save them. In this economy, those of us that are moved to help often find ourselves feeling bad because we simply don’t have the money to give. It’s easy to fall into that money ‘trap.’ No rescue organization needs just money. They have many other needs that don’t have to break your bank. Almost all shelters rely on volunteers to walk the dogs, socialize the cats, and help clean the kennels. Sure, monetary donations are great, but helping out understaffed and overworked shelter personnel can be a big help. It allows you to help homeless shelter animals without having to scrape up change from your ash tray.

Don’t have time to spare or a lot of money? Try checking out your local shelter’s website for their grocery list. Every shelter has items they need and use on a daily basis. Here’s an example of a list from a shelter near me:

Powdered laundry soap
Spray cleaner  
(no pine scented please)
              Clay cat litter  (please, no clumping, no silicone)
              Dry dog food
Dry cat food
Natural colored dog chews
White out  
(Liquid and dry)
20# white copy paper
Kitchen and garbage size plastic bags
Paper towels
Gift cards
 (Meijer, Walmart, Petsmart, etc.)
Rubbing alcohol
Cotton balls
Liquid hand soap
Dog and cat shampoo
Flea dip

The next time you do your own groceries maybe you can spare an extra 4 or 5 bucks on a few bottles of bleach or some cat litter. If you’re going to buy food, just check with the shelter first to see if they have any preferences.

A lot of times we get the mentality that we have to help in a big way or we can’t help at all. For these rescue organizations any and all help is greatly appreciated and even the smallest donation can be put to good use. Don’t have time or money? Do you have a mouth? A big part of the work these organizations do is education. The next time you hear a friend talking about getting a pet, suggest the local shelter. If you know a friend with a recently acquired pet, recommend that they get that pet spayed or neutered. Anything we can do to help is a step in the right direction and benefits a homeless animal.

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