It’s Too Hot!


PLEASE don’t leave your dogs or cats unattended in a hot car. If you need to keep them in your car and it’s 70* or hotter, leave it running with the AC on. It’s just too dangerous to have windows down like in the above picture (dog might jump, someone might get bitten or claim to be bitten, or your dog might get stolen) and too dangerous NOT to have windows down. Slightly down (‘cracked’) is NOT good enough.

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It’s only a little treat…right?

Before you give your adorable pooch or cuddly kitty another bit of human food, take a look at this graphic that explains the significance of that ‘harmless’ little treat. This is one of the ways our pets gain weight so quickly without us knowing why. To us it’s just one chip, but to them, it’s a LOT more.


Hill's Treat Translator