Happy Halloween!



I hope you have a spooky, fun, and safe Halloween!

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Halloween Safety



We all love lit jack-o-lanterns, holiday lights on strings, gauzy spider webs, and fake fog (from machines or from dry ice)—these are what help to make Halloween spooky and fun! Pets, on the other hand, don’t understand that lit candles, lanterns, electric lights and their strings are dangerous. Instead of lit candles, use small, battery-operated lights. If you’re using dry ice to create a spooky mist, keep pets (and small children) out of the fog. It’s made of carbon dioxide gas and pets (and children) can suffocate and die. Remember that anything new will spark the interest of your pet, so make sure to keep electrical cords and gauzy spider webs up or out of the way  where pets can’t get to them.

People Treats Are Not Pet Treats

Chocolate can be very poisonous to pets because of a substance called theobromine. Dogs have a hard time metabolizing it. Even small amounts, like a snack-size bar or two, can be deadly. Gum, chewy candies, hard balls, and the like, can be choking hazards or cause GI upset. It’s not only the treats themselves that you have to worry about, either. Pets that find candy on the floor (or raid the candy bowl) will often eat it in its entirety. This includes the wrapper! Foil and plastic are not digestible, so these substances can become lodged in your pet’s digestive tract. Make sure you keep treats out of reach and that you supervise any little humans around who might accidentally or purposely share their candy with pets. You might want to keep a special pet treat bucket handy with carrot sticks, low-calorie dog cookies, or their normal dog food if you feel the need to treat!

Open Doors

Constantly opening and closing doors for trick-or-treaters is a risk. A frightened pet could easily bolt through an open door. Don’t think that just because your pet never goes near the door, or might be afraid of the outdoors that they can’t panic, make a bad decision, and disappear out into the night. Make sure your pet is wearing an appropriate collar and ID tags on Halloween night. It’s better to be safe than sorry!


Halloween is a scary time for some pets. People they think they know dress up, put on masks, and don’t look the same. At the same time, strangers come to the door knocking or ringing the doorbell over and over again! This can be very confusing for a pet. If your pet seems nervous or worried, (or you know they are the nervous type) keep them in a quiet room with the door shut. Turn on the TV, play some music, and leave some toys for them to play with. Don’t take your pet out trick-or-treating with you. Some otherwise well-behaved pets may bite or bolt if they are scared or stressed enough. A scary mask can frighten a dog or cat, so be prepared and don’t take any chances.


Cats are at risk of being pet-napped or harmed during the Halloween season, especially black ones. It is an unfortunate fact. If you let your cats go outside, it’s best to keep them indoors during the Halloween season. I would also warn that ANY black pets be kept under watch when they’re outside at this time of year.

Pet Costumes

Lots of us enjoy dressing up our pets in cute costumes. When choosing a costume, remember that most animals don’t like to have any unusual clothing on their bodies. It can make them scared, irritated, or uncomfortable. If you do dress up your pet, start with something simple and see how your pet reacts before putting on costumes that are more complicated. For some pets a Halloween-themed collar, leash, or bandana may be festive enough! Make sure any pet clothing is properly sized and adjusted. If it’s too tight, it can cut off circulation to a tail, leg, or ear or cause a pet to choke. Too loose, and your pet can trip on it or get it caught on something. Make sure pets can see, smell, and hear through their costumes. Make sure to never leave your pet unattended when in costume in case he or she becomes scared, tries to chew it off, or gets it caught on something. Serious injury can occur, especially in cats, with anything tied around their neck or chest. Keep the costumes simple and only dress up consenting, outgoing pets.


I hope these tips help you and your pet(s) have a safe and fun Halloween!

Michael Vick Has A New Dog

This story broke on October 12th and I have been pondering it ever since. When Michael Vick was released from prison after serving his full term for dog fighting, I was outraged that the Humane Society was using him as an advocate for animal rights. How the hell could he know anything about animal rights when he so blatantly didn’t even see animals as anything more than gladiatorial amusement? After some thought, though, I came to the conclusion that being involved with the Humane Society might do him some good. Aside from having to do some court appointed community service type stuff, this might help him become a better person.

Ok, alright, I’m good with that.

Now, he has a dog. Again, my immediate gut reaction was anger. Here’s a man who abused dogs being allowed to have another dog. Who the hell thought this was a good idea? Then I thought about it. And thought about it. And thought about it some more. I still don’t know what I think.

Part of me is still angry, but another part of me hopes that this will help not only Michael Vick, but his family, as well. He has children to raise and hopefully he can teach them to respect and care for animals, not abuse them. I also hope that this will reach the fans of his who think dog fighting is ok. I hope that they will learn to treat animals with respect. People make mistakes and, in the best of cases, they learn from those mistakes. Dog fighting is a terrible epidemic all over this country and if this can shed light on it and make it less appealing to people, then maybe he and his family should have a dog.

What do you think?

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